Naples woman's identity cloned in FEMA application

Posted at 8:05 PM, Oct 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 07:02:35-04

Two Naples residents filed reports with police saying someone stole their identities when they applied for FEMA relief dollars.

"They put my name in, I gave my driver's license to them, address and my social security number, and they said: "you are already in the system," said Marilyn Janss, who applied in person last Sunday.

She says someone using her name and social security number filled an application out the day before.

"And I said but I haven't spoken with you yet."

Janss was trying to get compensation for a damaged sea wall at one of her rental properties.

This isn't the first time someone tried to steal her identity.

"I had a with my income tax about 5 or 6 years ago, and a had a situation with my credit cards a couple of credit cards," she said.

Another Naples residents also filed a report with police saying he found out someone filled out an application in his name while trying to apply on line.