Naples seeks agreement with Collier County on license plate reading cameras

Posted at 6:42 PM, Mar 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-31 18:42:59-04

The City of Naples is looking to add new traffic cameras to its roadways that can read vehicle license plates, in an effort to improve officers' ability to investigate crime. The city wants to team up with Collier County, in order to install the cameras on shared right-of-ways.

The cameras already exist in certain parts of the city, such as the Royal Harbor and Port Royal neighborhoods. 

Davis Buser, HOA president of the Seagate neighborhood, hopes the city and county can agree to the cameras being installed on the shared roadways, since Seagate is on the north edge of the Naples city limits.

"It's our impression that the placement of the cameras, in our circumstance, would require permission from the county, since they'd be in a county easement," Buser said.

He said most homes in his neighborhood have home security cameras, some of which have captured video of break-ins.

"But we have no way of capturing the license plate," Buser said. "So this would be the missing piece of the puzzle."

A Collier County spokesman told Fox 4 that county staff are still considering whether or not to support the camera agreement.

Naples City Council is scheduled to look the issue at their regular meting on Wednesday, but Naples City Manager Bill Moss said Friday that the item may be postponed.