Naples man says a traffic divider on Immokalee Road could be causing vehicles damage

NAPLES, Fla. - Is a traffic feature on one of Collier County's busiest roads causing damage to vehicles? A Naples man told Fox 4 that he believes a low curb serving as a left-turn lane divider on Immokalee Road, leading westbound traffic into the Uptown Plaza just east of Airport-Pulling Road, shows signs of being hit by vehicles.

"It just looks like a dangerous curb," said Nate Weston of Naples. "I always see scrapes and rubs on it."

Weston said he doesn't know anyone who has had their vehicle damaged from hitting the divider, but said that it's hard to see, especially at night.

"In the dark it's impossible to see," Weston said. "That'll catch your tire, catch your whole undercarriage of your car."

He said the concrete looked so beat up that last November he painted it yellow to warn drivers, but it wore away. Friday, he gave the curb a fresh coat of paint.

"One cop did drive by and he looked at me really weird," Weston said.

He wonders why the curb should even be there, since similar traffic features have simple dividers indicated with either white paint on the road, or a reflective post on the curb. 

Fox 4 reached out to Collier County to ask about the reason for the curb, and whether a smoother divider would be better. A spokeswoman said it would take some time to research, but that county staff would review the matter.

"I think it's a big safety issue," Weston said.

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