Mosquito problems plague Charlotte County

Residents say mosquitoes are worse than ever
Posted at 10:52 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 08:09:41-04

People in Charlotte County say they’re feeling the pain from mosquitoes more than ever before.

Charlotte County sent out an advisory on Monday saying the areas of South Gulf Cove, El Jobean, and Placida have had a series of mosquito hatches throughout the week and weekend, causing swarms and a “pestiferous condition.”

But people living in Port Charlotte say the problem is just as bad, if not worse, there.

Dr. Michael Stampar has lived in Port Charlotte for 20 years, and said as soon as he heads outside, he’s swarmed with mosquitoes.

“I’ve never had it where as soon as you walk out, there’s bugs in your face,” he said. “You cannot get in the car without closing the door and saying ‘Oh God, I got three mosquitoes in here.’”

He said the mosquitoes have cleared people off the streets in his neighborhood.

One man posted a video of mosquitoes swarming his legs and feet on Facebook.

Stamper also owns a home in Englewood, and said the mosquito problem is worse in Port Charlotte. He said he hopes the county will take measures to alleviate the problem outside of Englewood.

“It should be all the way up the coast,” he said. “The mangroves, the places where they know there’s standing water, the developments.”

In their advisory, the county said they’re awaiting proper permitting to treat the mosquito problem in Englewood. The breeding sites in that area are state-owned and require special permission for treatment. Four in Your Corner reached out to see if they’re doing anything extra in other parts of the county to help with the mosquito problem, but have not heard back yet.