Mosquito Control scheduled to spray in Marco Tuesday

Rains delayed the mosquito control efforts
Posted at 10:38 PM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 07:15:03-04

Hungry, viscous, and aggressive; that's how some people are describing the mosquitoes lately.  And people in Marco Island are dealing with more of them after a week of flooding, with all that standing water right where they breed.

Residents say the mosquito situation on parts of Marco Island is unbearable.  "You can hear them buzzing as soon as you walk out the door," said Jenni Pettigrew, who lives off Honduras Avenue.

There weren't many people walking around Pettigrew's neighborhood Monday night.  Mosquitoes pounced on Pettigrew's husbands legs the moment he walked outside.  Not the kind of welcome this family of three expected after moving to Marco Island full time.

"We vacationed here for years, never had a mosquito bite, moved here three days ago, and I have more bites than I ever had," said Pettigrew.

Collier County Mosquito Control says this particular breed of mosquito is difficult to kill.  They emerged before last week's floods, and have been relentless since the flood waters subsided.

"We've been invaded, I don't think you can say much more, mosquito control is doing all they can possibly do," said Dottie Volmer.

Collier Mosquito Control says it will spray in Marco Island, Goodland and Isle of Capri early Tuesday morning. However if it rains, they won;t be able to apply any of the treatment.