"Men only" job posting inside local mall raises eyebrows

Posted at 11:37 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 23:45:05-04

A now hiring sign for part time cleaning position, but women need not apply; it's only for men.

"Gender shouldn't matter, said one male shopper. 

"It doesn't impress me at all, said Rrene Hegedus." "The fact that it's men's only is kind of sketchy," said Sofia Portillo. 

The job posting was displayed inside of the Edison Mall by Blue Chip 2000, a commercial cleaning company contracted by the mall.

Some believe the post is discriminatory, while other's tried to rational it. 

"I guess they are looking for somebody who is strong and can really clean,' said Hegedus, "but women are strong too, aren't we? said Portillo.  "Uhhh, not so strong, physically we are not!" said Hegedus. 

The food court is one area the janitor would be responsible for cleaning. The job posting also lists the common areas and restrooms. 

On Blue Chip 2000's website, the job posting doesn't have any gender specifications.

However, the manager listed on the sign is the same person named in the online post as the point of contact. 

Four In Your Corner observed several female janitors in the mall, so it's not clear why this job posting is shutting out women. 

"A woman should also have an opportunity, especially in this day in time to do whatever a man can," said Eric, male shopper. 

"Women can also do that, it's not a problem. it's just kind of sketchy to me," said Portillo. 

Four In Your Corner contacted Blue Chip 2000's corporate office multiple times, but no one responded in time for this report. 

The sign has since been removed.