Collier County masseur charged with assaulting client

Posted at 10:47 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 06:39:00-04
A woman told deputies she was groped by a masseur at the Hand and Stone spa in the Mercato Thursday.
According to police reports about halfway into the 80 minute session, she said Carlos Amador grabbed her breast and pressed his hand over her private area.
The victim yelled at Amador saying: "stop, just f**ing stop", after moving down to her feet she told him to stop again, Carlos replied, "I'm sorry, it was an accident."
In a statement from Hand and Stone's corporate office, the company said:
"We just received an incident report from the locally owned franchise today (Thursday) and we are investigating further.  Before we make any hire, all Massage Therapists must pass Hand & Stone's Code of Ethics course. In addition, it is the Hand & Stone corporate policy that all Massage Therapists are licensed by the state and such licensure includes passing a criminal background check.  Hand & Stone maintains a zero tolerance policy in our system for any inappropriate conduct by our professional staff."
The story is not that surprising to Naples resident Laurie McKinnon, who says she has her own story about another masseur at another business. 
"I did have a bad experience once, with a private place that I was going to.  It was a male, and I didn't go back and didn't say anything else about it."
She still gets massages, but now she feels comfortable with the person giving the massage.
"You got to really trust the person that you have massaging you.  I think going to the same sex instead of the opposite sex makes a difference."
Late Thursday the owner of the Hand and Stone location where the incident took place sent a statement to Fox 4 saying Amador was hired in 2015 and did not have a criminal background.
It said Amador was licensed to be a masseur in the state of Florida, and passed an additional background check performed by the company.
Amador has been suspended by the company while the investigation takes place.