Man arrested for inappropriately touching 16 year old employee

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-15 07:19:24-04

The owner of a popular arcade in Cape Coral is behind bars after a customer says she caught him inappropriately touching one of his employees.

The suspect in this case, Hao Lin, manages Happy's Family Fun Center on northwest 15th avenue. Lin faces two counts of battery.

Life-long customers are in disbelief about the allegations.  "I don't believe it," John Edwards said. "I just don't because they're just too nice."

A report by the Cape Coral Police Department paints a different picture. A customer at Happy's Family Fun Center saw the manager, Hao Lin, slap a 16 year old employee's butt as he passed by her.

The customer told police she felt it was "absolutely gross" and felt the need to call Cape Coral Police on the victim's behalf.

"I think it's absolutely crazy," Valerie Eaglesfield, a customer said. "We come here with our granddaughter and he's never seemed that type to me at all."

Reports show the 16 year old was walking from the kitchen, through the swinging doors, while Lin was walking in the opposite direction. As he passed her, police say he slapped her butt.

"It's quite shocking, I wouldn't want to it done to my granddaughter or my child so it's worth investigating," Eaglesfield said.

The 16 year old also told police there was another incident when Lin used a toy grabber about two or three feet long to grab her buttocks. She claims Lin has done something similar to another female employee in the past who quit because of it.

"If there's a witness than it has to be followed up."

Customers say they'll be waiting for a judge to determine the outcome of the owner's fate.

"I take the age of the kid into account and it might or might not be reliable."

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office website, Hao Lin will be facing a judge the first week of July. The working manager of the business declined to comment and told Four In Your Corner the company will not be releasing a statement.