Local school hosts active shooter training

Posted at 10:49 PM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 06:39:45-04

It's a tough question to even think about: Would your kids know what to do if a mass shooting happened at their school?  Should they hide under the desk?  Maybe not.

That’s why some teachers in Naples were training for a worst case scenario Wednesday.

Seyla Cohen is normally a pre-school teacher at Temple Shalom in Naples, but on Wednesday she played the role of an active shooter.  "It was horrible, I wanted to stop."

But she felt it was important to learn how to survive a mass shooting.

So did Scott Baier, headmaster at Royal Palm Academy in Naples, which hosted the training.  "We got to really look at how we can enhance protecting kids, and having teachers being a part of that process."

Hiding isn't the only option.  Sometimes you might have to do whatever it takes to stop the shooter, before he or she gets to you.

"Doing anything to distract the person, is going to buy you time.  It's going to buy us time, law enforcement is trying to get there as fast as we can," said Robert Tirollo, instructor for ALICE, which puts on these trainings nationwide.

Tirollo says too many schools are having kids hide under desks during an attack.

"If you have an active shooter incident inside a school, someone stands up in a classroom and starts shooting, how does lockdown help you? Why would you want to lock yourself inside the building with the bad guy?"

He adds, you stand a better chance of surviving by running, or if you're cornered barricading yourself in a room, delaying the shooter from getting in.

It's a scenario Cohen hopes to never see come true.  "How easy it is for the bad guy, the active shooter, to come and shoot them one-by-one, while they're sitting and waiting."

Tirollo says there are more work place shootings than school shootings, and this kind of training, can be applied in almost any situation.