Live roaches among code violations that forced Perkins restaurant to temporarily close

Posted at 10:50 PM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 22:56:42-04

A North Fort Myers Perkins Restaurant was forced to shut its doors temporarily after a state health inspection revealed a number of concerning code violations.

The report from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) detailed the 7 violations discovered on August 17th; four of the violations were considered high priority. 

The restaurant is located in the 13000 block of North Cleveland Avenue. It was back in business Friday, after an inspector determined 6 of the 7 violations had been corrected. 

During the August 17th inspection, six live roaches were spotted around the dish machine area, along with one live roach that was spotted on the cook line, according to DBPR. 

Four In Your Corner saw two women walk out of the restaurant after learning about the code violations.  

"You don't expect to go to a place that has roaches when you go out to dinner," said Polly Connors.

She and her friend Marie Palm frequent the restaurant and say they've never seen anything odd. 

"Yeah it's surprising to me," said Palm.

A health inspector says they also found expired tomatoes and sauce that would have been served to customers. As well as ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food that was past its shelf life. 

"yuck," said Connors. 

The inspection report also states some raw food was improperly, which creates a risk for bacterial growth. 

A woman who had just had lunch with her husband was surprised by the inspector's findings. 

"It really was good, but I only had eggs benedict, said the woman. 

like many diners Four In Your Corner spoke to, she's never had an issue with her meals there.

"So this doesn't change your mind at all," said Deborah Souverain, Fox 4 reporter. 

"Well kind of! I don't know how soon I'll be back it's made me a little nervous. I had no idea, no idea."

For the women who left without eating, it could be awhile before they'll be back for an early bird special. 
who left without eating… it could be awhile before they'll be grabbing an early bird special.

"I'd wait awhile before I came back, a long while," said Palm.