Lee county public safety director abruptly leaves his post

Posted at 6:22 PM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 18:22:39-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla-- The Director of Public Safety for Lee County, Rob Farmer, is now off the job. The circumstances surrounding the move remain a mystery.

Tuesday afternoon Lee County Commissioners received an email that said effective immediately Rob Farmer is no longer the Director of Public Safety.

"People are just in total shock," said Misty Turley.

Turley runs Citizens for Lee County Emergency Management Services Facebook page. She said Farmer during his time with the county was able to help first responders receive new trucks and computers.

"Lee County EMS is at the height or the pinnacle of greatness and then all of the sudden it starts crumbling and I really think it may be Roger Desjarlais putting a squeeze on an EMS budget," said Turley.

She's referring to Lee County Manager Roger Desjarlais.

"As usual if you cross Roger you are gone. And that is what the commissioners need step in and say we need to rethink Roger Desjarlais," said Turley.

In 2016, three former employees sued the county for wrongful termination and won. 4 In Your Corner has learned Farmer signed a separation agreement.

"It's unfathomable why we keep doing this, what its led to is lawsuits," said Turley.

4 In Your Corner tried reaching out to the county commissioners and the county manager. A county commissioner secretary said on the phone commissioners weren't speaking on the issue. As for the county manager's office a spokesperson said in an email there is no investigation.

However, on social media a county commissioner and others rave about the work Farmer's done.

4 In Your Corner tried reaching out to Rob Farmer but he declined to comment.