K9's locate man who jumped in canal after Walmart theft

Posted at 2:36 PM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 14:36:32-04

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Port Charlotte man is facing several charges after authorities say he tried to steal items from Walmart then jumped into a canal in an attempt to escape.

According to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, 47-year-old Dylan Leslie is charged with Larceny/Petit Theft, Resisting a Merchant during Retail Theft, and Resisting an Officer without Violence.

Deputies say on Tuesday, Leslie was observed concealing items including electronic items and watches within his clothes and bag. He then passed all points of sale in the store, exiting the building. The loss prevention officer stopped Dylan Leslie, identified himself, and requested he come back in the store.

Leslie turned and began to run away, at which time the loss prevention officer was able to grab and hold on to the bag used to conceal several of the items. Leslie continued running, passing a uniformed deputy who also attempted to stop him. Leslie ran across the parking lot, jumping into a canal and swimming to the other side
where he concealed himself in the brush.

Canine Deputy Baras and his partner, K9 Wiley, responded to the scene. K9 Wiley was able to search the dense brush area, locating Leslie as he continued to try evading capture. Once located by the canine, Dylan Leslie complied with commands to exit the brush and he was taken into custody.

Leslie, who is listed as homeless in the report, was transported to the Charlotte County Jail.