How is Cape Coral cracking down on water restrictions?

Posted at 10:39 PM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-25 22:43:57-04

Cape Coral Code Compliance Officers are monitoring people living in the city to make sure they're following the mandatory once-a-week watering restrictions.

Chris Conrad is a Code Compliance Officer who said they've seen fewer violations since the restriction was implemented.

"The first violation is a warning and they get a flyer. It goes in a little bag and a flag goes up next to it," Conrad said.

While Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg rode along with Conrad, they spotted one code violator.

Conrad said he's seen nearly 50 first-time offenses since Friday, when the watering restriction went into place.

"A number of second violations and three or four third violations," Conrad said.

But Conrad is also spending time taking house calls to help people reset their sprinkler timers.

"Most of my day has been setting timers, something I started over a year ago on my own," he said.

"My dad was wondering why the sprinklers would come out at night time when he didn't want them to come out," 11-year-old Jose Bermudez said after Conrad fixed his family's sprinkler timer.

Conrad also checks on sprinkler systems of seasonal residents. The next-door neighbors of one home Conrad visited were happy to see the help.

"We have a limited supply and everybody needs to chip in and do their part," Bill Merchant said.

Given the lack of rain and brush fire activity this dry season, Conrad said the goal is to keep you safe.

"It's dangerous. It's been windy too, and that doesn't help the fires," Conrad said.

First time violators are given a warning. Second time violators pay a $100 fine. Third time violators pay a $200 fine. Fourth time violators face a $400 fine and their water shut off.

If you need help with your sprinkler system, you can call Cape Coral Code Compliance at 239-574-0613.