4 purse snatchings by a group of women reported at the Edison Mall

Thieves laughing "like it's a game"
Posted at 8:54 AM, Oct 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 09:12:59-04

It started Tuesday, a string of robberies in the parking lot of the Edison Mall. A group of women have been targeting other women as they walk to their cars in the parking lot.

It's not something the Fort Myers Police department has seen before. 

"It's not a typical MO that we've seen", said Captain Jay Rodriguez of  the Ft. Myers Police Department. He told Fox 4 that women targeting other women is a bit unusual. Normally, they've seen men targeting women.

There have been four reported robberies so far, one targeting an elderly women in her wheelchair. The group of women jumped out of the car and snatched their target's purses before speeding off. 

Until the crimes are solved, police are urging the public to stay vigilant in order to protect their personal belongings. 

"I think it's just an opportunity thing and iof they see something that they can go for they will", Captain Rodriguez told Fox 4 when asked about who the group of women might be targeting. 

Busy parking lots are popular for thieves because of the number of opportunities there are to rob individuals. If you're going to leave something important in your car, make sure it is covered up and hidden away in your vehicle.

It's also advised that you put down your phone while walking to your car so that you're not an easy target.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Fort Myers Police Department at (239) 321-7700.