Father shot at trying to rescue daughter from party

Posted at 10:17 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 22:17:49-04
17-year-old Summer Flaherty says she was invited to what she thought was a party with band members from Barron Collier and Palmetto Ridge high schools.
Flaherty knew something was wrong the moment she arrived at the party Wednesday night.
"They're like what do you want?  Oh I just want Pepsi, and it tasted a little weird, so I stopped drinking it, but my friend kept on drinking it, and I was like stop don't drink anymore and she kept on drinking it."
Whatever was in that drink made her friend Katelyn vulnerable, and Summer says a guy at the party then got physical with her.
"One of the guys touched my waist, and I was like don't touch me, and he said what's your problem?"
Summer says she tried calling and texting her parents, but she couldn't get a good cell signal in this remote neighborhood.   She went outside and after making the call, she says she went back inside only to find someone had got her friend into the bedroom.
"When I got in there I saw that nothing was happening, she was in bed with him, but his clothes were fully on."
Both teens ran out of the home, but weren't quite safe yet.
"Then I heard a gunshot, and I thought it was maybe toward us so we both ran into a ditch," said Summer.
Collier County deputies responded to 105 20th Street Northeast near where the party was.
Summer's dad told them 18-year-old Timothy Gentry was shooting at him.
"It made me really angry," she said.
Summer says she's learned a valuable lesson from this ordeal.
"Just be careful, make sure you don't go places with strangers, make sure you trust the person you are with."
No one was hurt in the shooting or at the party.
Gentry's father told us off camera his son was shooting at the ground and was concerned for his safety.
Gentry was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.