East Naples residents still deal with power outages - and lease termination notices

Posted at 6:43 PM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 19:43:36-04

More than two weeks after Hurricane Irma, tenants in at least one Collier County apartment complex still have no power. But the residents of Rebecca's Place Apartments on Thomasson Drive in East Naples might have an even bigger problem.

"We all need to be out by October 3 because they're terminating our lease agreements," said Leon Humphrey, who lives in one of the eight units at the complex with his family. "I guess if you don't want to renew my lease, you picked a poor time to do it."

A representative with Harmony Shores, the management company which oversees Rebecca's Place, told Fox 4 that they issued the 7-day termination of lease notices to all the residents on Friday because they were collectively in violation of their leases, by having items such as couches and other personal effects strewn around the property. 

On Monday, the property appeared to be clear of such items. An inspection by management is expected to decide if the property is deemed in accordance with the lease agreements. 

A resident who wished to remain anonymous said she was extremely concerned by the notice to terminate her lease, because she has nowhere else to go. She's hoping the property will be deemed satisfactory, and that no evictions will be necessary.

"I'm going to wait until that date (October 3) arrives, and see what happens," she said.

Humphrey believes he and the other residents would have power by now if management had made repairs to damaged electrical equipment on the property. He said that the timing of the notices, so soon after Irma, is unfortunate.

"It's just in poor taste," Humphrey said. "You know, give people some time to recover."