Divorced couple charged with selling crack from their home

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. - A divorced Bonita Springs couple are accused of selling crack from the home they shared with their 18-year-old daughter. 

Lee County Deputies arrested Timothy and Gretchen Cleland on multiple drug charges, including the sale of crack cocaine. 

Timothy is facing 16 drug-related charges, while his ex-wife was booked into jail on 12 charges Wednesday afternoon. 

A neighbor told Four In Your Corner she's seen people toss syringes from car windows after leaving the home. She showed a picture of the most recent syringe she spotted. 

“I was concerned about the children That get off at the bus stop, “ said one neighbor. 

Neighbors believe the syringe is a sign of what's been going on at the Cleland home.

“If I say the wrong thing I could get shot at so I keep my mouth shut,” said another neighbor. 

Deputies surveilled the home back in September. At the time detectives say they observed Timothy sell crack.

 According to LCSO documents, an informant told detectives "Timothy Cleland is known for selling crack cocaine in Bonita Springs. 

“It’s plagued the whole neighborhood for 3-4 years," said one resident.

According to detectives, multiple prescription bottles with the names torn off were found inside the home. Investigators reportedly also discovered loose pills and "suspected marijuana." 

"I feel sorry for them because they’ve dug themselves into such a deep hole that they can’t get out now,” said one neighbor. 

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