Cypress Lake High School under investigation one day after student's death

Posted at 11:07 PM, Mar 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-22 13:01:46-04

UPDATE (3/22) -- The Lee County Sheriff's Office confirmed Wednesday that a death investigation has been initiated into the death of Ryan Farrell.


FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Lee County Sheriff's Office has launched an investigation at Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers.

The investigation started on Sunday, one day after a Cypress Lake student, Ryan Farrell, passed away. Farrell was a senior football player described as "dynamic."

The Sheriff's Office and School District would not comment on why the school is being investigated.

Students at Cypress Lake High School said the hallways at the school have been somber since Farrell's passing.

They made a memorial for him by the football field with photos and flowers.

"You see so many students by his little memorial and just standing there and giving him flowers and drawings, and half of them are crying," Marlin Cansino, a student at Cypress Lake High School, said.

The school had a moment of silence in Farrell's honor.

Students said somebody graffiti'd the football complex. The incident report submitted to the sheriff's office didn't say exactly what the graffiti was, but a student said it was related to Farrell.

"Somthing like 'RIP Farrell' and something like 'Forever Farrell' with his number on the football team," Alex San Miguel, a student, said.

While the Sheriff's Office investigates the school, students told Four in Your Corner there was a fight involving Farrell on campus.

"A mishap between two students and one kid punched him," Cansino said.

"He was punched and it made him go unconscious," Andrea Simpson, a student, said. "I heard it was on campus and in the boys locker room."

Parents of students at Cypress Lake High School said they're concerned and are demanding answers.

"She goes to school here. I want to know what's going on or what really happened," Belinda Larson said.