Custody battle over sick horses in Lee County

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jul 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-05 22:42:43-04
The owners of two horse rescues in Lee County are in a dispute over who should care for two Stallions.
One of the stallions has a condition called summer sores, an infection that could spread and kill the horse.
"This is bad because it went up into their sheath area, and it's been untreated for so long," said Jill Stickles who runs Animals & Kids rescue.
Stickles' rescue is located near where Stacy Albertson kept her horses off Orange River Boulevard, until a few weeks ago.   
Stickles claims Albertson abandoned the two stallions when she moved out.
But Joe Giglioti, who helps run Albertson's rescue Rams to Ranches says they were booted from the property before their lease was up.
"We were displaced, and thank God for friends and people that we know, we were able to put these horses in places that were safe."
Giglioti says since they're not being allowed back on the property, there is no one to treat the horses.
"The summer sores  that are on them now could kill them."
Giglioti says the stallions need to be gelded before they can have any medical care done to get rid of the sores.
If you want to help these horses you can contact Stickles at 239-810-5328.