CROW seeing wildlife injured from Hurricane Irma

Posted at 9:54 PM, Sep 20, 2017

Sanibel's Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, or CROW, had to evacuate during Hurricane Irma, bringing most of their animals with them, but they're now back open, and seeing an uptick in injured wildlife.

"We have about 23, 24 ICU patients -- our most critical patients. And those just came in within the last 48 hours, so we are still seeing the effects of the hurricane," Dr. Julia Hill said. She's a Veterinary Intern at CROW.

They have a seagull being treated for a leg fracture. They're helping a weak, ataxic brown pelican recover. They're treating the wounds on a double crested cormorant. They've even nursed baby squirrels who were blown out of their nests back to health.

People have also been finding turtles in the roadway after they've been hit by cars.

"There's been a lot of flooding, so I think they've been displaced, and they're trying to get back to where they came from and they cross roads," Dr. Hill said.

With two months left in hurricane season, Dr. Hill reassures people that nature takes care of itself.

"Animals do remarkably well in the hurricanes. We see these injuries, but they actually know what to do," Dr. Hill said.

CROW's visitor center is back open. 

Dr. Hill said if you find an animal in need of care, you can either give them a call, bring the animal to CROW's headquarters, or take it to one of their drop-off locations throughout southwest Florida. 

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