Naples woman falls victim to computer scam

Posted at 11:00 PM, Aug 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 09:21:57-04
A Naples woman, who wants to remain anonymous says a scammer drained $18,000 from her bank account.
"He knew the license, then I thought they were legitimate," said the woman, who received a call earlier this month from someone claiming to be a computer technician.
For $200 she let the expert fix the problem, and gain remote access to her computer.
"Once you give them your IP address they are going to be able to download whatever you have on your computer, without you even knowing," said retired police chief Walter Zalisko.
When the victim realized something was wrong, she tried closing her bank accounts, but it was too late.
"They transferred the money from a money market account, that I had with my dad."
Much like the IRS and FBI, computer software companies will never call you and tell you there is a problem.
The scammers are the ones who make you believe there is a problem with your computer, by placing bugs in your system.
"They're very convincing, especially to elderly people, who are not tech savvy, they will be able to sell them the Brooklyn Bridge if they can," said Zalisko.
The victim tells us her bank is trying to get the money back to her, although there's no guarantee she will see it again.
"I don't understand the consciousness of people who want to hurt other people, if they are that smart they could make money legitimately."
Zalisko says you should never click on anything suspicious.  He says to protect your computer keep its anti-virus software up to date.
And always take it to a professional if there is a problem.