Collier man fends off eviction from marina

Posted at 10:20 PM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 22:22:35-04
Jason Penrod's home has been aboard the Tarquin, but he may have to find a new place to anchor his boat.
"It was just a 'get out' letter, email."
Earlier this month the management at Calusa Island Marina in Goodland, told Penrod he had to go because his boat was considered derelict.
Calusa took over managing the marina a couple months ago, and since that time other residents have told us the property manager has cracked down on the appearance of their water crafts
Resident's say they were abruptly told to take down plants and tarps off their boats when new management took over.
Jason said he made every effort spruce up his 45 year old boat, even slapping on a fresh coat of paint but found himself running into rough waters with management. 
"Basically that I hadn't even tried to comply, and that there is nothing at this point that they can do, or are willing to do."
But a staff member with Calusa Island says they gave Penrod 6 weeks to get his boat up to snuff.
The spokesperson told us other people complained about the condition of his boat, and that Penrod called the cops on  management. 
 "Yes I did, (call the police) they boarded my boat to put a letter on here, basically the same one they fired off through email."
Penrod says he felt that was an invasion of his privacy.  With no resolution on the horizon, Penrod's future is choppy.  He doesn't know where he will be after June 1st.
"I don't know, that remains to be seen."
Marina management also said Penrod was on a month to month lease, and they had a right not to renew it.