Chaotic scene caught on camera as Collier deputies arrest teen

Posted at 6:15 PM, Jul 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 07:09:27-04

A chaotic confrontation was caught on camera in Collier County as deputies wrestled a teen to the ground, and used a taser and K-9 to subdue him.

Tommy Wilson, the 16-year-old boy who recorded the encounter on June 24 on Buchanan Street in East Naples, said it was over him and some other boys smoking marijuana.

"They claimed the black boy was resisting arrest, but he had just stood up and he was like...this is really happening over some weed?" Wilson said.

But Watl Zalisko, a private investigator and former police chief who watched the video, said it's obvious to him that the teen was violently resisting arrest. "Based on what I observed, the individual was kicking and fighting with the officer on the ground," Zalisko said. "The use of a taser would certainly be permissible."

Zalisko said that the time argue the legitimacy of an arrest is not while it is happening.

"If he believes that that arrest is unlawful, the only place that there should be redress is in the court system, not on the street," he said.

Since Wilson only knows the boy who was detained by a nickname, Fox 4 was unable to  request an incident report from the Collier County Sheriff's Office.