Cape neighbors ask for canal cleanup

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Some Cape Coral neighbors are hoping someone cleans up a foul canal near Santa Barbara Boulevard and Aviation Parkway.

Trash and bright green vegetation could be seen floating at the end of the canal, Friday. One resident tells Fox 4 he reached out to their district City Council person about the issue in June, but has not seen any results. 

Another Cape neighbor thinks the garbage and debris is so unsightly, he goes out on his boat and gathers the trash for disposal himself. "I usually go once a week and take plastic bags, put them in my little boat and gather it up," said good Samaritan Mark Cubberley. 

This is not the only canal in the Cape that has had this issue. In June, Fox 4 reported about a canal on Southwest 21st Avenue near Hancock Bridge Parkway. "We have this lovely seaweed looking thing and it's really tough because it's dead and laying around and everything and it starts to rot and get an oder," said one neighbor.

Fox 4 reached out to the City of Cape Coral to see if the problem could be solved. They say the build up of vegetation isn't unusual for this time of year. 

"Algae blooms and duckweed are common during late summer. It forms as a result of high temperatures and rain. While it is unsightly, Mother Nature will eventually take it's course and the duckweed will dissipate," said City Spokesperson Connie Barron.

However, Barron says the Lee County Hyacinth Control District is responsible for treating water when it comes to algae. After reaching out to the LCHCD, they agreed to survey the area Monday, to see if any treatment is needed. 

As for the garbage in the canal, the City of Cape Coral says they will work with Public Works to see what can be done.

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