Cape Council passes resolution to address seawall damage

Posted at 10:19 PM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 22:19:45-04

The Cape Coral City Council passed a resolution as part of the first move in helping homeowners with seawall damage after Hurricane Irma.

During Monday's special meeting, Cape Coral City Council passed a resolution authorizing third party companies to operate under the PACE program. This means the city would refer companies to do the repairs and finance them, at least in part, with homeowners repaying the city through an assessment on property taxes.

"it's scary knowing you might wake up in the morning and you won't have a backyard," Ronda Schwerdfaeger said.

Her seawall is separating from her southwest Cape Coral yard and parts of her lawn are sinking.

She said a contractor came out and said the damage would cost $50,000 to repair.

"We live paycheck to paycheck, so our question is are we going to sell our property and just leave the area? What are we going to do?" she said.

She said the city should step in to help residents dealing with seawall damage.

"I think this city needs to take on the responsibility of financing this, and letting us pay on our taxes," Schwerdfaeger said.

Several people shared similar concerns with council members at Monday's special meeting.

Council does acknowledge the details of this resolution are still being worked out, but they're working hard to get plans in place to help.

The resolution passed 7-1 with Mayor Marni Sawicki being the lone dissenter.