Cape Coral residents frustrated with neighborhood eyesore

Neighbors call the city to fix neglected house
Posted at 10:29 AM, Oct 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-20 10:56:33-04

The people living on one street in Cape Coral are frustrated, disgusted, and fed up with one house in the middle of the neighborhood. 

"It's a struggle to get somebody to come out and it's continuously looking messy", John Cornwath tells Fox 4. Cornwath has lived on the street for years and has never seen a house stay in such poor shape the entire time he's lived here. He lives across the street and says that the piles of debris is a hassle whenever he tries to leave his home. 

"I see it when I come out of my front door every day and when I back up my car out of the driveway it's directly behind me. It's very annoying and upsetting", he told Fox 4. 

Julie Schuener and her husband Kurt live a few houses down from the property they say has been a problem for about three years.   "My husband and I have emailed numerous times to the city, and I personally have knocked on the door once but got no answer while there were cars parked in the driveway", Julie told Fox 4. 

At one point, Schuener says that she saw rodents running around in the property while taking a walk through her neighborhood. 

The neighbors on the block said they are going to keep trying until the house gets cleaned up and looks as nice as the rest of the properties on the street.