Cape Coral Golden Corral charges local city fee

Posted at 6:45 PM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-24 07:15:31-04

Customers at the Cape Coral Golden Corral restaurant are curious after their receipts display a "local city fee" in addition to the taxes on their meal.

When we asked the restaurant about it, they claim that every restaurant charges this fee.

Lisa Pompei lives in Cape Coral and she says she took it a step further and called restaurants in Cape Coral to see if this was true, but she couldn't find one that charges that fee.

She said, "I'm and honest person. I don't like people getting taken advantage of and I just thought it should be addressed."

Four in your corner reached out to the city and a spokesperson said they were unaware of this fee and were going to investigate.

The spokesperson got in contact with the owner of the local Golden Corral and he sent this statement:

"My intent within the line item on the receipt only was to illustrate to our customers some of the local costs we pay to operate our restaurant. It was not meant to create confusion or imply the City of Cape Coral assesses additional fees on the restaurant. They do not. To avoid any further confusion, I have asked our store managers to remove the line from the receipt and incorporate these costs back within the basic charges like other restaurants do."

In other words, it's the restaurants way to collect the city taxes and fees like other restaurants, but do it separately from other costs.