Cape Coral cars, home damaged by driveby shooter

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 18:22:41-04

A Cape Coral homeowner is on the hook for damages after someone riddled their car and home with pellets. Investigators say it happened Monday morning at a home on Northeast 23rd Avenue.

Jennifer Butterfield says her sense of security is shattered along with her two car windows after someone riddled them with pellet guns.

"It's very nerve-wrecking whenever I hear a car slowly outside now I'm looking out the window just to make sure everything is okay," she said.

Butterfield says she isn't sure why her property was targeted but a neighbor's surveillance cameras captured the car driving and stopping near her home.

Detectives say the surveillance video is too grainy to make out the type of car or detail how many people were inside.

"It totally takes away your privacy and you don't feel safe in your own home," she said.

In June, a woman's car was also hit about 17 to 18 times with a pellet gun.

The homes are about seven miles apart but Butterfield says she doesn't believe the incidents are connected. She's hoping detectives will find whoever is responsible to pay for the damage.

"i have three grown teenage boys so it's possible it's someone that knows them and doesn't care for them," she said.

At last check, both cases remain unsolved. The families are asking anyone with information to come forward and report it to police.