Cape Coral Assisted Living Facilities Still Without Power

Posted at 7:49 PM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 19:51:21-04

Several Cape Coral Assisted Living Facilities took a hit after Hurricane Irma moved through, losing power for days.

Some are still without and hoping LCEC gets to them quickly.

“Everyone was yelling hooray hurrah…it was nice. All of the residents were celebrating,” said Sheila Kaybenn, Director of Nursing at Cape Coral Shores Assisted Living Facility after power was restored Tuesday.

“It was very very hot,” Kaybenn said. “It was very tough changing residents and checking on them with a flashlight, but we did it,” she added.

Another facility donated a generator to them Monday before they got power restored on Tuesday.

Some care homes never saw the lights flicker. AC was blowing cold with no power issues at the Windsor and Gulf Coast Village in Cape Coral.

But not every local Assisted Living Facility has been as lucky.

Power went out at the Woodlands and still has not come back on.

At Juniper Village, they’re doing the best they can to keep their 70 residents comfortable while anxiously waiting for power.

“We’ve got a strong team. We’ll do what we can to keep everybody comfortable. We’re doing our best. We don’t know how it’ll all turn out. We hope power will come on shortly,” said Lynne Katzmann, founder/CEO of Juniper Village.

“We ask for our customers patience. We have 500 crews out there working. They are working 20 hour days. They are throughout our 5 county service territory and they are going to work as quickly and safely to get power back on to everybody,” said Karen Ryan, LCEC spokesperson.

Kaybenn says LCEC should make Assisted Living Facilities a priority when restoring power after a major disaster.

“Peoples lives are in jeopardy,” Kaybeen said.

LCEC expects to restore power to the majority of Cape customers by Friday.