Owners frustrated by situation at The Atrium Suites in Fort Myers

Posted at 11:37 PM, Oct 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-23 22:44:52-04

Business owners at the Atrium Suites in Fort Myers are frustrated.  They say they're being forced out of the building.

One of those business owners is Steve Schafer who owns a post office in the building. 

"People have disappeared as the building services have been shut off. I've been without air conditioning for six weeks now", he told Fox 4.

Schafer has owned the post office in Atrium Suites for years and has been trying to negotiate with the new owner. 

In the tweet, Matt Hurley, who represents the H2 organization, admits that the post office in the building will close but blames it on Schafer's unwillingness to negotiate. In it he says the following, 

"We have received dozens of phone calls, emails, and texts regarding the future of the Atrium Post Office. Today, We regret to announce that the postal partnership and coin shop that has been occupying space at the Atrium for nearly 40 years will be closing it's doors. Our office has spent countless hours attempting to work a deal with the current tenants. Unfortunately, Steve Schafer and his family have made clear their lack of interest in being a part of the development's future. We are disappointed in their unwillingness to negotiate; however, at this time we will focus our teams energy on finding the correct company to provide postal and pack and ship services to the hundreds of future Innovation Center tenants as well as those who call College Parkway home." 

Two days later, the phone and internet have been cut off and Schafer is finding it difficult to conduct business.

Another business owner who says they're being pushed out is Gloria Jordan. Jordan owns the restaurant next door to Schafer's post office. She says she hadn't heard anything from the landlord until two weeks ago. 

But Hurley tells FOX 4 In Your Corner, his group doesn't own the building yet because the deal isn't complete.

He says any issues with the internet and phones is the responsibility of the current owner of the property.

Hurley also says the air conditioning problem at the Atrium is related to Hurricane Irma and his company can't make any improvements until the deal is final.