Beloved former bait dog finds forever home

Posted at 11:43 PM, Jul 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-02 00:59:09-04

A suspected bait dog brought to Lee County for recovery has found her forever home.

Abigail was brought to southwest Florida from Miami-Dade County by Love is Fur Ever dog rescue in November. She was missing half of her face. Her ear was ripped off. They believed she was used as a bait dog.

"she came in and broke our hearts," Dr. Thomas Jackson, Abigail's veterinarian, said. "Now she's representing what we can do for other people. Even though you've got scars and you're hurt, things do heal. Maybe she can help heal some other people."

Megan Contreras and her husband Jason Steinke were captivated by Abigail's journey.

"Just like Abigail's melted the world's hearts, she's melted mine and my husband's heart, and we are just so happy to welcome her to our family," Contreras said.

Her family includes a nearly two-year-old lab-pitt mix named Tala.

"Tala smothers her with kisses every time she sees her!" Contreras said.

The adoption is bittersweet for Love is Fur Ever dog rescue founder Victoria Frazier. She is Abigail's foster mom. But she said she knows with Megan, Jason, and Tala is where Abigail belongs.

"She deserves an ending of her very own to her journey. She had a beginning, it was with us. We helped her through and she deserves a family of her very own," Frazier said.

Abigail has gained thousands of followers on Facebook and received national attention. To connect with Abigail, click here.