Back-to-school shoppers hit Coconut Point Mall for tax-free weekend

Posted at 10:24 PM, Aug 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-07 09:07:40-04

ESTERO, Fla. -- Thousands of people across Southwest Florida are shopping tax free, Saturday, in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Malls like Coconut Point in Estero were packed with busy shoppers looking for deals from school-appropriate retailers like American Eagle, Aeropostal, and Hollister. "It's been crazy. It's been really crowded in every store," said a pair of shopping students. When asked what they were looking for, they said clothing. "Some cute shirts and stuff, some shoes."

The mall extended their store hours for tax-free weekend. The mall closed at 9 P.M. Saturday, but will open an hour early on Sunday, at 11 A.M.

Shoppers will save a 6% tax charge for items like school supplies $15.00 or less an item, computers, and clothing and shoes $60.00 or less an item. However, if what you're looking for doesn't qualify to be tax free, Sarah Burthold, Coconut Point Marketing Director, tells Fox 4 stores are offering huge discounts. "Some of these stores, whether they have those tax free items, they're having better than tax free sales. For example at our American Eagle store, it's buy two get one free." she said. "What you can do is plan where you need to go. You can also download our Simon App and we download promotions that are going on so you can plan your stops and go accordingly."

Tax free weekend ends Sunday.