Attorney checked for weapons while going to Costco

Store gave different reasons for search
Posted at 8:11 PM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-28 09:08:10-04

Former Attorney Phillip Crawford Jr. has been shopping at the Costco in Ft. Myers for years, but his most recent trip to the wholesale retailer made him feel more like a criminal.

Crawford told Fox 4 that on September 18th, he went to the Costco on Cypress Lake Drive with his mother.  When he got to the door, the attendant insisted on checking his bag.

"I just kind of backed off and asked him, you know, why do you need to check my bag?", he said.

Crawford explained that he had brought that bag with him to Costco many times in the past and he had never been searched up until that point.

He told Fox 4, "What about me says I'm bringing a firearm into your establishment?"

When Crawford questioned the manager, he was told they were searching for small animals, not firearms. There is a sign on the property that clearly indicates bags may be subject to a search. There is not a sign that indicates that guns are not allowed inside.

Fox 4 followed up with the store about the incident and management declined to comment. emails and calls sent to the corporate office were were also not returned.

For Crawford, the damage has already been done. In the future, he intends to take his business elsewhere. "If that's their policy, that's their policy", he said. "I will never shop there again".