Apartment complex tells residents to clear out

Posted at 10:24 PM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 22:24:27-04

A Fort Myers family rushed out of their apartment to evacuate Hurricane Irma, only to be rushed back out again after finding their place flooded and looted.

The family said management told them Wednesday afternoon they had two hours to gather their stuff and move out of the Salamanca Pointe apartment complex.

Chris Rowe said more than 100 units in this apartment complex were flooded during Hurricane Irma. 

"Just seeped through, came through the sides of the building into the bedrooms." Rowe said.

Rowe said more than a foot of water was inside his apartment. Most of the water has been vacuumed out, but the home smelled strongly of mildew and mold.

This was the second time their apartment flooded in the last few weeks. The first time was when record rainfall poured across southwest Florida.

"The floor is still soaking wet. You can see water squishing up by your feet when you step down," Rowe said. "There's mold starting to form on the baseboards over there, on the wall on the walls over here, so mold is already starting to form throughout the house. We just had to throw mattresses out because of mold."

Rowe said looters also took off with his wife's jewelry and left their other belongings strewn across the apartment.

"They defecated all over our bathroom," Rowe said.

He told Four in Your Corner Salamanca Pointe gave his family two hours to pack up and go, but Rowe says he and his family now have nowhere else to live.

"Clear everything out of the rooms. There's no indications of telling us when we can come back, if we can come back," Rowe said.

He said he's having trouble getting answers from management, and other people at the complex told Four in Your Corner they feel the same way. Fox 4 stopped by the management office at Salamanca Point and the woman there wouldn't answer any questions and said if we didn't leave, she'd call the police. The complex's corporate office hasn't responded to our email.