Local moms worry as new Zika cases emerge

Posted at 10:24 PM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 22:24:50-04

It's about 150 miles between Ft. Myers and Miami, but expectant mothers in Southwest Florida are concerned, after another case of Zika was reported in Miami Beach.

"Seems like it's getting closer and closer", said Stacie Hensley.

It's an unsettling feeling for Hensley, who's due to give birth any day now. as more cases of Zika pop up on the east coast, she won't be making any trips to Miami anytime soon.

"I used to go there all the time, but not anymore."

Hensley says she rarely leaves her home during the twilight hours.  Friday night, was the exception as she was picking up some clothes at Once Upon a Child.

At home, she is doing what she can.

"We have the dim lights outside, so we don't attract anymore mosquitoes, and I try and take the dog out before its nighttime," said Hensley.

Another expectant mother, Andrea Barbosa; just got back from a late summer vacation with her family.

She just found out she's pregnant and says she wouldn't hesitate to visit friends in the Miami area, despite a travel advisory.

"If it was necessary I would go, I can't say I wouldn't be concerned," said Barbosa.

She says she is taking the necessary precautions to keep her family safe.

"If we see anything in the yard that's taking up water, we'll just go out and dump it."

Precautions aside, Barbosa feels the Zika issue is being blown a little out of proportion.

She says Southwest Florida has weathered other mosquito borne issues without any major problems.

"They were all up in arms about it and, what happened with that,? Nothing."

But for Hensley, who's also a nurse, says she appreciates the media and state officials for being overly concerned.

"I think they have to be cautious about it, because they don't have enough information about it," said Hensley.

The regional spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, says they have not seen an increase in clinic visits due to Zika, here in Southwest Florida over the past week.