Local mom pumps iron to celebrate Mother's Day

Posted at 3:05 PM, May 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-08 15:05:05-04
Angie Becker is a mom of two, business owner, and now a power lifting competitor. 
"I know some men that can't lift what I lift, It's just fun," said Angie Becker.
Sunday she completed her first successful 315 lb lift. It was a mother day's victory for the 38 year-old Fort Myers resident. 
"Wow, that's what most people say, wow," said Becker.
The accomplish capped off a personal health goal that began two and a half years ago, as a part of a mission to resolve issues with pain in her feet. 
"I went from 265 to 218," said Becker. "Then we started to get into heavy lifting." 
She now trains regularly each week. 
"I feel better and I look better. I lift heavy stuff and put it back down," said Becker laughing. 
She makes light of her heavy lifting skills but her man power, or rather mom power, is impressive in the male dominated field - even to her trainers. 
"I'm really inspired by her," said Pat Wilson, Becker's Trainer for upcoming power lifting competition. 
"It's something for people to look up to; women, men, it doesn't matter," said Magen Wooley, trainer. 
Becker's first power lifting competition is just 3 weeks away. She told Fox 4 she never imagained pumping iron for fun, but she hopes her journey will encourage other women to tap into their mommy strength. 
"This was never even a thought until I met Megan," said Becker. "She changed my life. I've come a long way. said Becker. "I want to be there for my kids so I will be this way."