Local artists lend work to Water and Wheels Show

Posted at 10:51 PM, Mar 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-12 22:51:25-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla -- Cape Harbour is one of the go to places for folks in Soutwest fForida to enjoy some free time.
It was more crowded than usual today thanks to the 10th Annual Water and Wheels show taking place this weekend. But, the "Art in the Pavilion" also helps draw some people.
"Our goal is to bring new people in, to welcome them and to introduce them to the gallery," said Shirley Hales from Harbour View Gallery
Hales and the rest of the folks at Harbour View Gallery work hard to make the event have something for everyone. One of the big benefits was that the art was affordable.
"It enables people who might not be able to afford a piece of art you might find in New York City," said Hales.
The local artists hope art events like this will make Southwest Florida hunger for more art.
"Art is one of the things that you know keep in schools that kids don't get the art they used to in school and it's a shame," said Jay Gilliford, a wood sculptor since 1985.
The event's reputation for many different varieties of art makes people flock back year after year.
"We get a lot of people actually come back because they were at the event last year, they liked it, enjoyed it, bought art. so they come back and view us again," said Cape Coral artist Sandy Jones.
All of the artists with the works on display were pleased when people stopped by to buy something or just simply to admire their work.
"When someone buys a piece of my jewelry. I feel amazing because they are putting value to my creativity and something that I do. It is such a special feeling. I love it. I just love it," said Jones.