Lehigh neighbors concerned about trash troubles

Posted at 10:24 PM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 22:24:06-05

People living in the Vista Palms apartments contacted Fox 4 saying they're frustrated and disgusted by the trash consistently piling up near the trash compactor in their community.

Their photos show piles of garbage flooding into the street, and neighbors are concerned about their health and safety.

"It's like living in a dumpster. Birds everywhere, ripping everything apart, so everything was scattered everywhere," Mike Almaral said.

Almaral's mother-in-law lives in the complex, and he said the pile up happens almost every weekend.

"How bad is the smell?" Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg asked.

"It was horrible. Real bad," Almaral said.

He said it takes a claw machine to get rid of the trash, which includes broken glass.

Some people living at Vista Palms said the situation is the management's fault because the trash compactor is broken or isn't big enough to fit the entire neighborhood's trash.

Others said their neighbors are just getting lazy, and instead of walking their trash to the compactor, they're leaving it outside of it, causing the pile up.

Fox 4 took the neighbors' concerns to the property manager, who said she couldn't comment but the owner would reach out.

We have yet to hear from anyone.

Meanwhile, Almaral said his mother-in-law is ready to move out, hoping to use the trash troubles to break her lease.

"Hopefully she can get out of here and go to a better place because obviously they're not doing anything about it. It happens too often, and there's no excuse," he said.

Almaral also said he called Code Enforcement to complain, and was told someone would be sent out.

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