Lehigh acres home shot up, suspect on the loose

Posted at 11:14 PM, Nov 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 23:14:22-04
A gunman targeting a Lehigh Acres duplex while the people inside slept. 
According to an incident report from Lee County Sheriff's Office, several shots were fired into the home along Marblebrook Blvd shattering a backsliding door. 
Shards of glass littered a small paved section behind the home Friday evening. Several bullets were fired into the home according to LCSO detectives, who found four shell casing on the scene.
A woman living on the other side of the duplex says the incident left her fearing the worst. 
"I was praying you know, like God keep me safe, keep me safe," said neighbor. 
For safety reasons, she didn't want to be identified. She told Fox 4 the incident was so loud it woke her from her sleep. 
"It woke me dead up out of my sleep but it was a noise that I've never heard before," she said. "It was alarming I was concerned." 
According to this incident report, a deputy also spotted some sort of projectile on the kitchen floor. The victim's neighbor believes whatever was found created a blast so loud she felt it in her home. 
"It's very scary but it's just one of those noises that you've never heard before. It's like it vibrated, it vibrated my windows and I was like what the heck and I thought for sure they had been damage," said neighbor. 
The incident report, states the victim's noticed a shadow in their backyard but they were unable to get a clear description. Their neighbor told Fox 4 she's hoping whoever is behind the attack is tracked down. 
"Especially now that they don't know who did it, you know hopefully they don't come back," said neighbor.