Lee County teachers recognized as being 'high impact'

Posted at 1:24 PM, Feb 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-16 13:24:08-05

The Lee County School District congratulates the more than 200 teachers designated “High Impact” by the Florida Department of Education.

A recent analysis of student performance on statewide standardized assessments found that the teachers listed below have had a significantly positive impact on student learning.

The analysis used the most recent three years of data in the following subjects and grade levels: Reading (grades 4-10), Mathematics (grades 4-8) and Algebra 1 (grades 8-9).

All high impact teachers received a letter thanking them for their hard work and commitment to our students, as well as a certificate recognizing their accomplishment.

Lee County Teacher List - High Impact:

Cindi Priebe, Allen Park Elementary School
Susan Cox, Allen Park Elementary School
Kathleen Bursztyn, The Alva School
Jaimee Zrebiec, The Alva School
Rico Moreno, The Alva School
Courtney Dianna Bedell, River Hall Elementary School
Jane Berkley, River Hall Elementary School
Jessica Scott, Bonita Springs Elementary School
Timothy Johnston, Bonita Springs Elementary School
Daniel King, Bonita Springs Elementary School
Aleida Slichter, Bonita Springs Elementary School
Ann Hannaway, Cape Elementary School
Julie Thompson, Cape Elementary School
Karen Green, Challenger Middle School
Robert Higgins, Challenger Middle School
Bethany Sierocinski, Challenger Middle School
Kristin Kiefer, Challenger Middle School
Danielle Calamela, Challenger Middle School
Bettina Kouns, Cypress Lake Middle School
Kara Vereen, Cypress Lake Middle School
Rebecca Clements, Cypress Lake Middle School
Debora Felice, Cypress Lake Middle School
Brenda Wendland, Cypress Lake Middle School
Michael Barbosa, Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School
Bryan Cori, Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School
Amanda Ciampaglia, Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School
Kevin Gonzalez, Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School
Kathleen Halvarson, Ray V. Pottorf Elementary School
Rakisha Gilmore, Ray V. Pottorf Elementary School
Colby Knapp, Edgewood Academy
Kori Oatley, Edgewood Academy
Tracy Rosenthal, Edgewood Academy
Genesis Sical, Edgewood Academy
Jennifer Wood, Fort Myers Beach Elementary School
Nathan Buehler, Fort Myers Middle Academy
Susan Barnes, Fort Myers High School
Gillian Johnson, Fort Myers High School
Jennifer Tomlinson, Fort Myers High School
Colleen Tenfelde, Fort Myers High School
Shauna Flock, Harns Marsh Elementary School
Robin Walden, Lehigh Senior High School
Maria Torres, Lehigh Senior High School
Mark Irwin, Varsity Lakes Middle School
Jo Stanley, Varsity Lakes Middle School
Marissa Gard, Varsity Lakes Middle School
Liliana Guerra-Cannata, Varsity Lakes Middle School
Britney White, Franklin Park Elementary School
Angela McMahon, Franklin Park Elementary School
Shanell Moneghan, J. Colin English Elementary School
Stephanie Duron, J. Colin English Elementary School
Christine Grau, G. Weaver Hipps Elementary School
Amy Depauw, Lehigh Elementary School
Patricia Wiley, North Fort Myers High School
Joseph Skocik, North Fort Myers High School
Teresa Farland, North Fort Myers High School
Danielle Sheckler, Orange River Elementary School
Jennifer Madigan, Orange River Elementary School
Anthony Lendino, Orangewood Elementary School
Alyssa Casais, Orangewood Elementary School
Tiffany Adams, Orangewood Elementary School
Nancy Benjamin, Pine Island Elementary School
Heather Morse, Lexington Middle School
Nicholas Mauro, Lexington Middle School
Constance Pirone, Lexington Middle School
Barbara Scarnato, The Sanibel School
Julie Wappes, The Sanibel School
Ann Franke, The Sanibel School
Danyelle Starks, Mirror Lakes Elementary School
Beverly Ritchie, Tice Elementary School
Lance Artrip, Tice Elementary School
Erica Reill, Oak Hammock Middle School
Danielle Johns, Oak Hammock Middle School
Monica Mulloy, Oak Hammock Middle School
Deanne Mason, Villas Elementary School
Natasha Edinger, Heights Elementary School
Michael Licata, Heights Elementary School
Christina Johnson, Heights Elementary School
Amy Rollo, Pinewoods Elementary School
Christine Poinsett, Pinewoods Elementary School
Julie Smith, Pinewoods Elementary School
Sandra Franklin, Pinewoods Elementary School
Katherine Zink, Patriot Elementary School
Madelyn Vargas, Treeline Elementary School
Sarah Chesnut, Treeline Elementary School
Bethany Loescher, South Fort Myers High School
Erin Pecore, Bayshore Elementary School
Amber Deming, Bayshore Elementary School
Joelle Beverly, Bayshore Elementary School
Nicole Mitchell, Bayshore Elementary School
Louis Quattrucci, Tanglewood Elementary School
Gabrielle Davis, Tanglewood Elementary School
Cindy Poplawski, Tanglewood Elementary School
Robyn Heller, Caloosa Elementary School
Shari Smith, Caloosa Elementary School
Robert Bravard, Caloosa Elementary School
Michael Duron, Caloosa Elementary School
Kristin Alton, Caloosa Elementary School
Russell Morris, Caloosa Elementary School
Anne Marie Pfeil, Caloosa Middle School
Sharla Rae Wold Ealey, Caloosa Middle School
Shannon Grant, Caloosa Middle School
Katharine Pelter, Harns Marsh Middle School
Mary Hill, Riverdale High School
Nicholas Pietkiewicz, James Stephens International Academy
Melissa Johns, James Stephens International Academy
Amy Caltagirone, Bonita Springs Middle Center For The Arts
Deborah Brawner, Bonita Springs Middle Center For The Arts
Patrick True, Bonita Springs Middle Center For The Arts
Olivia Myers, Cape Coral High School
Deborah Jackson, Cape Coral High School
Robyn Shumsky, San Carlos Park Elementary School
Amy Bennett, San Carlos Park Elementary School
Anthony Seravello, Pelican Elementary School
Janice Demeyer, Pelican Elementary School
Judy Aviles, Gulf Middle School
Patricia Geer, Gulf Middle School
Debra Lockard, Gulf Middle School
Cynthia Heimberg, Gulf Middle School
Theresa Janigian, Gulf Middle School
Jean Fulbrook, Gulf Elementary School
Paula Davis, Gulf Elementary School
John Sirmans, Lehigh Acres Middle School
Michelle Bell, Lehigh Acres Middle School
Yordany Paneca, Lehigh Acres Middle School
Michael Shattuck, Sunshine Elementary School
Teresa Barker, Sunshine Elementary School
Sarah Seevers, Sunshine Elementary School
Joseph Mancini, Hector A. Cafferata Jr Elementary School
Lucrecia Lucero, Mariner High School
Tesha Crego-Rojas, Mariner High School
Scott Berkes, Mariner High School
Adam Gross, Mariner Middle School
Alanna Mccreary, Mariner Middle School
Sherry Luby, Mariner Middle School
Megan Romine, Mariner Middle School
Valerie Wieman Starling, Mariner Middle School
Amy Deverteuil, Mariner Middle School
Stacey Sawyer, Mariner Middle School
Robert Tiews, Mariner Middle School
Kimberly Pachick, Mariner Middle School
Nickole Devitt, Mariner Middle School
Meghan Bresson, Mariner Middle School
Lindsey Moses, Estero High School
Suzanne Durst, Estero High School
Robert Straka, Rayma C. Page Elementary School
Erin Scott, Rayma C. Page Elementary School
Brittany Fox, Rayma C. Page Elementary School
Christopher Wheeler, Rayma C. Page Elementary School
Vanessa Mazzotta, Rayma C. Page Elementary School
Mmarissa Brinson, Three Oaks Elementary School
Carey Sawyer, Three Oaks Elementary School
Brittany Alexander, Three Oaks Elementary School
Roberta Slepian, Three Oaks Elementary School
Kimberly Meyer, Skyline Elementary School
Lori Junkins, Skyline Elementary School
Zachary Beemer, Skyline Elementary School
Jennifer Gregory, Trafalgar Middle School
Heather Fraller, Trafalgar Middle School
Karen West, Trafalgar Middle School
Jean Lackey, Trafalgar Middle School
Shawn Caneer, Trafalgar Elementary School
Linda Hamstra, Trafalgar Elementary School
Sharon Petteys, Manatee Elementary School
Kristen Turner, Diplomat Elementary School
Sara Keyes, Diplomat Elementary School
Elsa Ontaneda, Diplomat Elementary School
Nicole Runyan, Diplomat Elementary School
Suzanne Roberts, Diplomat Elementary School
Sandra Villela, Diplomat Middle School
Tara McNulty, Colonial Elementary School
Dorrius Ford, Colonial Elementary School
maurice Henry, Colonial Elementary School
Sarah Matheson, Colonial Elementary School
Abby Lewis, Colonial Elementary School
Anthony Allevato, Colonial Elementary School
Kyle Nelson, Colonial Elementary School
Deborah Henry, Colonial Elementary School
Jenna Giampi, Dr Carrie D Robinson Littleton Elementary School
Donna Michaelessi, Dr Carrie D Robinson Littleton Elementary School
Rasheeda Williams, Hancock Creek Elementary School
Beth Zalewski, Gateway Elementary School
Hana Ahmad, Gateway Elementary School
Robert Scoppettuolo, Three Oaks Middle School
Christine Brock, Three Oaks Middle School
Lynsey Hollenbeck, Three Oaks Middle School
Crystal Martin, Three Oaks Middle School
Kevin Mullings, Three Oaks Middle School
Kimila Grimes-Dineen, Three Oaks Middle School
Michelle Blackwood, Veterans Park Academy For The Arts
Suzanne Garrett, Veterans Park Academy For The Arts
Jaclyn Kustra, Veterans Park Academy For The Arts
Christina Alexander, Veterans Park Academy For The Arts
Kara O'keefe, Veterans Park Academy For The Arts
Beau Voltz, Veterans Park Academy For The Arts
Nathalie Reid, Veterans Park Academy For The Arts
Karen Baxter, Ida S. Baker High School
Michelle Mars, Ida S. Baker High School
Elizabeth Stevens, Ida S. Baker High School
Shelugh Brodeur, Bonita Springs Charter School
Joanne Walker, Bonita Springs Charter School
Daniel Staesser, Bonita Springs Charter School
Angela Valuta, Bonita Springs Charter School
Christine Ramage, Bonita Springs Charter School
Jessica Myers, Bonita Springs Charter School
Katelyn Osborne, Bonita Springs Charter School
Audree Torrez, Bonita Springs Charter School
Loren Ifcher, Bonita Springs Charter School
Lisa Nickel, Six Mile Charter Academy
Karen Brown, Oasis Charter Elementary School
John Omundsen, Christa Mcauliffe Charter Elementary School
Kathleen Dooley, Christa Mcauliffe Charter Elementary School
Carrie Abes, Christa Mcauliffe Charter Elementary School
John Holik, Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School
Kathleen Reilly, Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School
Kristen Totten, Oasis Charter Middle School
Susan Clayman, Oasis Charter Middle School
Dana Gibbs, Oasis Charter Middle School
Shannon George, Oasis Charter High School
William Hanti, Gateway Charter Intermediate School
Lizangie Delgado, Gateway Charter Intermediate School
Maria Barandiaran, Gateway Charter Intermediate School
Kathleen Wynne, Lee District Office