Lee County swimming pools failing inspections

Posted at 6:33 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-30 18:39:08-04
LEE COUNTY, Fl. -Think the pool is a safer bet than some beaches? New reports from the Lee County Health Department shows some pools aren't safe for swimming!
Four In Your Corner has learned an alarming trend - six swimming pools in Lee County have failed health inspections in just the last week, including the City of Fort Myers Stars Complex pool due to chlorine levels being "below minimum requirements."
However, city pools aren't the only ones at risk. Private neighborhood pools have also had troubling reports from the Lee County health inspector.
On June 13th, The Riverside Club Pool of Fort Myers on Clifford Street had a laundry list of violations, including an "uneven pool deck", and the chlorine level was "out of range", ultimately forcing the Health Department to close down the pool.
The pool was allowed to reopen days later, but still received an unsatisfactory score as of the latest inspection for having an "unapproved water source" and "algae on pool walls, ladder caps, and a vacuum safety cap."
"I'm sure they're looking out for everyone's best interest so if they say it's not safe, then we have to trust their word and take care of it which we've been working at," said Rich Luke, president of the Riverside Club.
As of the City of Fort Myers Stars Complex pool, the Health Department tells Fox 4 their violations have been corrected and the pool has been reopened.
Here is a link to the Health Department website, where you can see how safe your community pool is >