Investigation update: Cape Coral shooting rampage

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jan 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-13 18:14:29-05
Seven months later and there are still many questions about a deadly rampage in Cape Coral. The shooting spree in three different locations, killed two people and injured three others last June.
It all finally came to an end when the gunman, Christopher Moran was shot and killed by police. Moran's girlfriend and their 14th month old son were both hurt during the violent exchange.
Michael Britton and his daughter were hiding inside the store as the terrorizing moment unfolded before their eyes.
"He just came in there shot, turned to the left, cocked and shot again," Britton said. 
Since the shooting police have no released exactly how Moran's girlfriend and baby were hurt or how long the officers involved will remain on administrative duty. Four In Your Corner reached out to Cape Coral Police about the investigation.
"They're on administrative duty which is normal for any police involved shooting," Corporal Phillip Mullen said. "We have to wait for the State Attorney's Office to be done with their investigation and then we conduct our own internal investigation before they can go back to work."
Corporal Mullen says it's difficult to say how much longer the officers will remain on administrative duty. Meanwhile, the question of what triggered the gunman to shoot is still a mystery.