Insurance data suggests home break-ins more likely in January

State Farm: January top month for home thefts
Posted at 12:25 AM, Jan 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-11 00:26:04-05

Your home may be at a higher risk of being burglarized during the month of January according to a State Farm insurance analysis. 

A spokesperson for the insurance company told Fox 4 news criminals may assume homeowners have more valuables in their homes following the holiday season. 

"The claims data does show that the first month of the new year is the time that people in Florida are the most at risk for being a victim of thefts," said Michal Brower, Florida State Farm Spokesperson.

According to Brower, State Farm handled a total of 1,686 home theft claims across the state in 2015, with the highest concentration of claims occuring in January.   

"You feel violated, I mean I'm not secure," said Lee County woman whose home was burglarized Saturday. 

The 83 year-old old chose not to reveal her identity and tells Fox 4 news she was surprised by the bold early morning break-in. 

"I said, well what's this guy running for! I didn't even realize that was him." 

According to a Lee County Sheriff's Office report, the man she spotted running was 27-year old Casey Reaves. 

The victim says Reaves entered her home through the front door. She says he left a trail of muddy foot prints at her doorstop which tipped her off. 

"That was suspicious," said the victim. "I walked in and I looked at my dining room and my purse was missing. I heard some footsteps and I came back to the door, looked and he was running," she added.

Reaves didn't get far however, deputies later tracked him down and when they ran his tag it turned out he was suspected of commiting another home burglary the night before. Deputies also discovered the vehicle he was driving was reported stolen. 

A crime map from the Lee County Sheriff's Office shows 237 property-related crimes were reported to the sheriff's office over the past 15 days.  

Reave's is being held on a $170,000 bond, and one of his victim's tell Fox 4 she's taking more precaution to keep her home safe.  
"My security system is on at all times, and my doors are locked at all times now," said victim.