Lee Co. man searching for couple in photo mixup

Posted at 11:52 PM, Jan 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-25 07:26:47-05

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.- A Lehigh Acres man on a mission to put an end to a mystery he says has been unsolved for years. 

Jeff Rosner and his girlfriend have kept pictures of a couple's wedding day for the past two years.

The catch?  The pictures he has are of a couple they've never met.

Rosner found the pictures mistakenly mixed in with his order of pictures he says he procrastinated to pick up.  "I finally went to pick them up at Walmart,  and being a procrastinator, I didn't look at them right away," Rosner said. "Then we started looking at the pictures and then there was one package that was completely not my set of pictures."

Rosner says the Walmart store told him they didn't have any information to track the family.

"When I went to Walmart they said, 'sorry, we can't trace it.  We don't know what to do, we have no disks, we have no information,' so this is kind of like the last shot," Rosner said.

Rosner's girlfriend Kathy Ford says they stumbled on the pictures again while cleaning and that's when his desire to return the wedding pictures sparked again.

He felt determined if there's any way to find the owners to do so," Ford said. "I just hope they're still together, doing well."

Rosner says he was tempted numerous times to toss the pictures out but decided to shelf them instead because of one clue giving him hope.  "I do happen to recognize somebody on here," Rosner said. "I don't know from where I know him.  That's what kept me from pitching it."

He says he was surprised to recognize one of guys in a picture but thinks he may be a limo driver or bartender. "His path and my path have crossed. I don't remember where but I remember faces really well," Rosner said.

A clue he says he hopes to get connected to the bride or groom.  "If you're out there Mr. Groom, these are yours," Rosner said.