Hundreds greet Rubio in Naples

Posted at 10:16 PM, Mar 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-11 23:16:16-05
Beginning his final push to capture the Florida primary, GOP Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio made a brief visit to Naples Friday afternoon.
Hundreds of supporters gathered outside and inside Yabba's Island Grill on 5th Avenue, many of them getting selfies or shaking hands with the candidate.
"It made me feel like I should never clean this hand again," said Braden Walker.
Polls show Rubio trailing Republican front runner Donald Trump ahead of Tuesday's primary.
"You keep working hard, it's what I've done all my life, you just chip and chip," said the first term senator.
Rubio told reporters he wouldn't blame supporters in Ohio, if they voted for fellow challenger John Kasich in his home state, thwarting a Trump victory in the Buckeye state. 
"I have made the argument here in Florida, that if you're a Ted Cruz supporter or a John Kasich supporters, voting for them is a vote for Trump, because I'm the only one that can beat him."
But some of the candidate's supporters say a Rubio presidency is more than just about keeping Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.
"Senator Rubio has the whole package, his presentation, his policies, how he feels on the issues," said Pamela Wood.
Rubio chided reporters for not bringing up some of Trump's flaws earlier in the campaign.
"I don't regret talking about Trump University I'm going to continue to do that, I'm going to continue to talk about his business failures, I don't regret saying I think he is pulling a con on the American people."
Rubio has campaign stops scheduled for Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and the Panhandle this weekend.