Humongous swimming pool heading to N.Fort Myers

Posted at 10:29 PM, Apr 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-15 06:26:47-04
NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Aerial views of a gigantic pool give an idea of what's on the way to North Fort Myers.
Billboards advertising the soon to be lagoon the size of eight football fields are displayed on Prichett Parkway.  The lagoon is the centerpiece of what will be the Brightwater community with more than 1,300 homes.
"It would bring people to North Fort Myers to help our economy," said one resident.
Fox 4 spoke with the housing development's President, Greg Singleton by phone. "Truly amazing when you see it, when you experience it and actually swim in it. It's such a visual thing," Singleton said.
As good as it sounds and looks, some aren't too happy about these $250,000 homes on which construction will begin on in May. "I know people that live out that way and they may not go for it," 30 year resident Sandy Eck said. 
"I don't like them trying to come in and develop the neighborhood. It's an old Florida neighborhood. We have no crime. They put in more housing developments it increases our traffic flow," said resident James Benton. 
Fox 4 took their concerns to the developer. "I don't necessarily agree with it. I mean you're right there on I-75 to begin with which has got probably 400,000 vehicles going by it every single day," Singleton said. 
This project isn't the only ambitious idea involving North Fort Myers. City officials want aged retail space and unused shopping carts in North Fort Myers to be a thing of the past. $50,000 is being spent to study where business opportunities exist.
City revitalization experts tell Fox 4 they need the publics help in determining what's needed in North Fort Myers. To provide your input, click here