Holiday Heartbreak: Many people handed divorce papers on Valentine's Day

Posted at 11:06 PM, Feb 13, 2017

Unique and extravagant proposals might be on the rise on Valentine's Day and so is divorce. 

February 14th falls right in the middle of divorce season with some lovers choosing to serve divorce papers on Valentine's Day. 

"Some people will actually pick Valentine's Day to either file their divorce on and have the other person served or to seek that day from the court," attorney Mike Chionopoulos said. 

Chionopoulos from Absolute Law says financial pressure causes couples to sign divorce papers rather than a Valentine's card. 

"Most divorces are caused by money. Either the lack of money, some people stress about it and argue about what should be spent where or too much money can actually cause the divorce," Chionopoulos said. 

And the stress of the holiday season puts pressure on love. 

"My clients will come to me in January and say I had to get through the holidays for the kids, I didn't want to start the divorce right before Christmas," Chionopoulos said. 

But if it falls apart, is Valentine's Day a last ditch effort to save your relationship? Some people think so. 
"If you are really desperate to do so I guess that would be the right time to try and fix anything," Kayla Stackhouse said. 
Chionopoulos says jewelry and candy won't be enough because divorces aren't a sudden thing but something that builds over time. 

 "If a major factor in your decision to get divorced is he or she failed to meet your expectation on Valentine's Day... then it is time for you to get divorced because your relationship has much bigger problems," Chionopoulos said. 

Chionopoulos says divorce season is the first three months of the year.