Supervisor of elections debate gets heated

Posted at 10:39 PM, Apr 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-11 06:50:34-04

The gloves came off Saturday between candidates for the Lee County Supervisor of Elections.

"You didn't find a major problem, you guys hacked in. It's like you broke into a house," said Carmen Salome, Lee County Supervisor of Elections Candidate.
"Us guys?! Did you even read the article?," said Dan Sinclair, Lee County Supervisor of Elections Candidate.

The five candidates came together to discuss their plans for the job, but things got heated when candidate Dan Sinclair brought up his role in revealing a break into a Lee County Election's server.

"I didn't think it was a good thing but I didn't know," said James Hefren. "Almost universally it's considered unethical," said Hefren.

Hefren disagreed with the alleged hack; however, Sinclair stood by his decision to bring the security breach to the public's attention.

"When you get attacked for something like that it's pretty disgusting and I think that's when the federal government needs to get involved and start an investigation and some people need to start going to jail," Sinclair.

Sinclair directed that comment to sitting supervisor of elections Sharon Harrington. The supervisor's 12 year record has come under fire for the alleged hacking incident, and a 2012 ballot scanner shortage that led to extremely long lines.

"The person who is an incumbent is generally a target anyway, the other folks don't have history yet, " said Harrington.

Harrington told Fox 4 that she felt attacked during the debate, but feels despite it all she's the best fit for the position.

"A lot of the candidates do have experience and they have a lot of good ideas, the problem is there's a learning curve. I'll be right there ready to go because I don't have to learn the job I already know the job," said Harrington.

Ultimately, the voters will decide who they believe is best for the job and after Saturday's heated debate they'll have a lot to consider.

"I think it was a good debate even though we had two who almost got into a fight there a little bit, " said Cornell Bunting.