Gulf Coast Humane Society find homes for Louisiana flood dogs

Posted at 8:53 AM, Sep 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-18 08:53:27-04

LEE COUNTY, Fla, -- A second wave of animals rescued from the devastating flooding in Louisiana are getting ready for adoption in Southwest Florida.

Gulf Coast Humane Society giving some much needed care to the Louisiana flood dogs after their shelter went underwater.

"It was more of a disaster zone its from a fellow shelter like us. It was just dogs in need based on something you couldn't control," said Alicia Fuller, a Gulf Coast Humane Society staff member.

The shelter taking in a number of dogs. Some required medical attention.

"They have to be checked out by the vet, if they are healthy enough, then they go to surgery and then they get all of their shots, their microchip and then they go over here. It's kind of like a train of steps," Fuller said.

Tupac and his puppy posse are just a few getting lots of attention from people hoping to adopt them when they are ready.

"We were getting calls, 'Are the dogs available? Are the dogs available?' because they really wanted to help," she said.

However, puppies aren't the only ones getting all the attention.

"It is awesome to see people be interested in the seniors. A lot of the dogs we got from Louisiana were senior dogs," said Fuller.

Potential families were touched by the canine's stories.

"You know what these puppies have gone through obviously is incredible. My father is part of these experiences working for FEMA. This would be a great choice if I went with a dog like this," said Scott Berger, who visited the shelter to adopt a Louisiana dog.