Man claims taco shop didn't live up to unlimited food promise

Posted at 7:01 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 10:05:28-05

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A company known as Bunfire sold Mexican food out of several SWFL gas stations and convenience stores. The company offered $99 memberships for unlimited tacos and burritos but customers claim they never received their food. 

"Everyone's like, 'oh my God, like, tacos for a year for 100 bucks, that's amazing,'" said customer Gene Vargo. 

Turns out it was a deal too good to be true. A membership for unlimited tacos or burritos at a shop known as Bunfire. Only problem is Bunfire has closed all its locations and the owner is no where to be found. 

It all began with a Facebook post that advertised memberships for $99. If you referred 3 friends you could receive unlimited food for life.  

"It just really bugs me that somebody could start a business and have customers say, yea you know what that's a good deal," said Vargo. 

Vargo's bank statements show he paid $99 in September. He said just a few weeks later and Bunfire closed all its locations and the owner stopped answering his phone. 

Fox 4 tried reaching out to Bunfire hoping to find out what's going on. Unfortunately, we only received a voicemail. 

Fox 4 tried stopping by several of the locations. The convenience store off Palm Beach Blvd said a man named Juan Pablo Quezada showed up offering to pay rent to open Bunfire but after a few months stopped paying rent and never came back. 

Another location inside of a Marathon gas station claims Quezada owes the gas station one month's rent.  "He don't pick up the phone and he no responds, nothing," said MD Ramon. 

Vargo started a Facebook group with others who said they too are frustrated.

CLICK HERE for the FB page.

More than anything he just wants to known if he'll ever hear from Quezada again.  "I ended up buying one for myself and my girlfriend so I'm actually out like $200 but I really don't even care about the money it's like the principles behind it," said Vargo.